Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caleb has had an eventful month. At the first of the month he lost his first tooth. He was such a tuff guy. Just let me pull it out without crying. Also this month I took him in and got his eyes checked and he needed glasses for school and reading. He was so excited to get them. What even made it better is they came in blue.
A few weeks ago we watched my parents dog while they went on vacation. We ended up having 2 labs and 1 schnauzer for a week. It was crazy but we had a blast. While they were gone I gave them a shower. When it gets cold outside I will bath Traitor in our shower. Well Maggie wanted in on it too. So the 2 dogs and I got in the shower. It was crazy and looked miserable, but it got the job done. This is the 3 of them while I was up late working. The just made me laugh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Pictures

My good friend is starting a photography business and offered to take some pictures of my kids. She did an amazing job. Truman was very crancky but she got some way cute ones of him. I just cant believe how old my kids look. Where has the time gone. I know there is a lot of pictures but I couldn't decide, I love them all.

If you are interested in seeing more of her work. Just look at her blog