Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Ty 10-06-10

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I was set to be induced on 10-6. We were so excited to finally see baby Ty. They started my on Pitocien about 9 because I was already having contractions on the own. By 11 I could tell my epidural was not working. They tried everything in there power to get it going but I transitioned so fast that there was no luck. He was born at noon exactly. He weighed in at 8lbs 6 oz and 20 in long. He has a lot of hair. Well he came so fast that he aspirated some fluid. They took him right back to the nursery. For 3 days they really couldn't find anything wrong with him. He started doing better and was able to come out of the nursery for feedings and to see his brothers and sister. On Saturday they were going to let me take him home on oxygen and belly lights. There was one nurse convinced me to leave him one more night and have him off of lights and take him home the next day. So I stayed at my parents house because they live 5 minutes from the hospital around 3 in the morning I got a phone call saying that Ty's fever was 103 and his heart rate was 220. They needed my verbal permission to run all kinds of test. I hurried over to the hospital with my parents and Jeremy met us there. His little body was burning up. It was heart breaking to see his little body hooked up to all the machines. Finally that day we figured out he had pneumonia. He would have to be on antibiotics for 7 days before he could come home. That 7 days was full of emotions. I was torn between staying home with my other kids and being at the hospital with Ty. Lucky we have wonderful family that stepped up and took the kids everyday. The kids were awesome through the whole thing. By Thursday things were looking up. He became more alert and he finally started opening his eyes. They let me start to feed him as well. By Saturday he was doing well enough he got to come home on oxygen. It was like Christmas at our house. The kids were so excited to finally have there brother home. Ty is a joy in our family and we wouldn't change him for the world. He is a great sleeper and only wakes up once a night. We are still working on feeding, but he is getting better. He is 3 weeks now and it is going by way to fast if you ask me. As of Monday we are off of oxygen. That is the best feeling to be cord free. He is much happier as well. Thank you to all of my ward and family members who helped out for the last 3 weeks. The dinners and watching of my kids have been much appreciated.


The Niebuhr's said...

I love the picture of Ty and Truman. He looks so happy to be holding the baby.

Windy said...

What an experience. Baby Ty is a little miracle and such a beautiful baby boy. I love all the pics. I am so thankful that he is okay! Prayers are powerful and you and baby Ty had a lot of people praying!